Celebrating PRIDE Month

As we usher in PRIDE month—a time of celebration, reflection, and solidarity—it’s crucial to remember the ongoing struggles that mark its history. The LGBTQ+ community, especially our transgender brothers, sisters, and non-binary siblings, persist in their fight for justice, equality, and safety. This battle isn’t abstract but a daily reality confronting prejudice and discrimination, intensified by recent legislative challenges.

In this climate, many transgender individuals may seek support from California’s healthcare systems, as they escape from states failing to recognize or respect their rights and identities. Consequently, we anticipate an increase in patients seeking gender healthcare services.

At One Community Health, we pledge to uphold the dignity and rights of every individual. Our commitment to quality care goes beyond physical well-being—it encompasses empathy, understanding, and support, upholding the highest standards parallel to our medical expertise.

We are conscious of power dynamics in healthcare and strive to be responsible stewards of our position, advocating for our patients irrespective of their identity or challenges. Our healthcare space is one of absolute acceptance, empathy, and understanding.

Remember, healthcare is a right, not a privilege. It should be accessible to all, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. Together, we can make a difference.

Keshia Lynch – HIV Program & Gender Health Director, One Community Health

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