Equally Well

A Strategic, Compassionate Initiative That Aims to Bring About Positive Change in Our Communities

Together we can help end new cases of HIV and help those without insurance lead the healthy lives they deserve.

Our lives are shaped by so many things—where we’re from, where we live, the people who support us and so much more. However, not everybody gets help in equal measure and, for some, that makes it hard to get the care they need. At One Community Health, we’ve made it our mission to address this inequity and lower the barrier to wellness. We believe health isn’t a privilege; it is a human right. Everyone must have the opportunity to be equally well.

The Equally Well Initiative

 At One Community Health, we strive each day to bring about change in our community. That’s why we’ve launched the Equally Well strategic initiative, the goal of which is to continue working to end new cases of HIV, reduce disparities experienced by the mentally ill and help those without insurance obtain it to live healthier lives. One Community Health is committed to changing lives through quality care, research and community awareness.

Health Disparities

Understanding how clinical care, behavior, socioeconomic factors and physical environment impact the health of individuals and groups is critical to helping everybody achieve better health. Injustices in any of these areas lead to disparities and reduce the overall quality of life for us all. Good health is more than just the absence of disease—it’s about justice for each person in our community and their ability to make choices, meet their basic needs, express their truth, access quality services and safeguard their families.

Together we can learn about the present policies and practices that affect different communities and make it difficult for some to get the care they need. Innovative solutions are within reach and we can make the changes needed to give all people an equal chance at wellness.

Healthy Living

Living well may look different for everyone, though understanding your options and how to create your picture of wellness is key to everyone’s success. That’s why we at One Community Health are proud to offer the following tools to help our friends, family, and neighbors have an equal chance at achieving optimal wellness:

  • Health Insurance
  • Access to Quality Health Care
  • Disease Prevention
  • Disease Management
  • Compassionate Health Care
  • Social Support
  • Healthy Tips
  • And So Much More

Mental Health

Life is full of joy, pain, happiness, sorrow and everything in between. How we experience the world and our daily interactions are driven by our feelings, thoughts, physical health, circumstances and the opportunities available to us. We can all benefit from taking some much-needed personal mental health time regularly. Managing our mental health and getting help when needed is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves and our families. Creating a community where we nurture mental and physical health improves life for everyone.

Ending New Cases of HIV

The combined efforts to enroll everyone in health insurance, provide quality health care and educate community members on behaviors and medications that protect them and their partners will help us lead the next generation to an AIDS-free community.

This opportunity to build a healthier community will be a reality when those who may be at risk, 1) know their status because they get tested, 2) take steps to live a healthful life and prevent the transmission of HIV and, 3) work with knowledgeable health care providers to get the care each person needs.

We are committed to ensuring culturally competent tools and resources are available. All we need now is your help to connect all of us to a healthier future.

Call (916) 443-3299 to learn more about our Equally Well initiative.

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