Let Us Change the Way You Go to the Pharmacy

Pharmacist checking medications.

There are several benefits of being a One Community Health patient, but what really sets Cares apart is the community. There are exceptional physicians and specialists at a lot of standalone practices, but with One Community Health you have all your skilled specialists in one place, plus an onsite full-service pharmacy.

The doctors at One Community Health don’t practice in a vacuum. They actually collaborate with one another to ensure every patient is getting the quality, comprehensive care they deserve. Having an onsite pharmacy lets us take this one step further by being able to maintain a consistent and fluid patient experience while keeping better track of the medications each patient is taking.

One of the biggest issues people run into when they have to visit multiple specialists in different locations is the lack of communication or consistency of treatments. Not all medications should be taken in conjunction, and if one specialist doesn’t know what the other is prescribing there’s always the potential for a negative reaction.

The One Community Healthcare approach mitigates this risk in a number of ways. Having all your physicians working together as a team to provide the best customized healthcare experience for you means the left hand always knows what the right is doing and significantly reduces the chance of a hastily written script that could end up hurting you.

Second, we take pride in providing unparalleled healthcare results, and take accountability very seriously. By having a pharmacy in house it enables us to maintain the quality experience we want patients to expect when they visit One Community Health.

Save Money on Discounted or Even FREE Medications

Our community health center receives special federal funding that enables us to offer significantly discounted and sometimes even free medications to our patients. Our pharmacy also accepts most health insurance plans to ensure we can serve as many of our Sacramento neighbors as possible.

We’ll Tell You When Your Prescription Is Ready for Pickup

Anyone who has ever filled a prescription likely understands the frustration of waiting around for it be filled. No one should have to be beholden to the pharmacy’s schedule, which is why One Community Health’s pharmacy utilizes a free mobile app which lets patients refill their prescriptions with their smartphone. The app notifies you when your prescription is ready for pickup so you don’t have to check in over and over for an update.

We also offer an online refill dashboard, so if it’s ever time for a refill all you have to do is log in and fill out the intuitive form.

Enjoy the Convenience of Going Through the Pharmacy at One Community Health

If you want to enjoy the convenience of having your doctors and pharmacy all in the same place, One Community Health is likely the place for you. We are above all else committed to delivering exceptional healthcare results, but we’re also passionate about convenience and a care system designed to minimize our patients’ stress and hassle.

The Cares Community on-site pharmacy helps us further this goal, and we invite you to give it a try today!

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