Dear One Community Health Staff, 


We are excited to announce our upcoming PRIDE events on June 10th and 11th, along with an inspiring PRIDE Spirit Week from June 5th-9th. Under the theme of Embracing Love, Health, and Unity, we aim to celebrate and show support for the LGBTQ+ community and promote an inclusive and accepting environments for all. 



Here’s a breakdown of OCH’s PRIDE Spirit Week activities:  


Monday, June 5th: Rainbow Day  

Let’s kick off the week by donning clothing items that represent the vibrant colors of the rainbow, the symbol of LGBTQ+ pride. Wear rainbow shirts, socks, hats, or any other creative accessories to showcase your support. [Location: Post your Pride on One Health and win a prize] 


Tuesday, June 6th: Trans Visibility Day  

We dedicate this day to recognizing and honoring our transgender community members. Encourage everyone to wear clothing, pins, or accessories that promote trans visibility and raise awareness about transgender rights and issues. [Location: Post your Pride on One Health and win a prize] 


Wednesday, June 7th: Love Letters to the Queer Community  

Join us in a heartfelt activity of creating love letters to the queer community. Use your artistic talents to craft beautiful and uplifting messages that celebrate love, acceptance, and unity. These letters will serve as a reminder of our commitment to inclusivity and support. [Location: Midtown Building A/B and Arden] 


Thursday, June 8th: Tie Dye Outside 

Let’s take the celebration outdoors! Engage in a fun tie-dye activity where you can create unique and colorful designs on t-shirts or other fabric items. Feel free to express yourself and embrace the vibrant spirit of PRIDE. [Location: Outside of Midtown and Arden] 


Friday, June 9th: Pride Mixer  

Wrap up the week with a lively Pride Mixer! Join us for an informal gathering where we can come together, share experiences, and celebrate the diversity within our organization. This event will provide an opportunity to strengthen connections, build understanding, and foster a sense of community. [Location: Patient parking lot at Midtown] 


Saturday, June 10th: 1st Day of Pride  

Let’s officially kick off our PRIDE festivities! Join us for a day filled with educational sessions, empowering discussions, and engaging activities that promote LGBTQ+ awareness, support, and equality. Stay tuned for a detailed schedule of events. 


Sunday, June 11th: Pride Parade  

It’s time to hit the streets and celebrate PRIDE in a grand way! Join us for the PRIDE Parade, where we’ll march together, displaying our unity and commitment to equality. The parade will be a vibrant, joyful, and empowering experience that will leave a lasting impact on our community. We encourage you to bring friends, family, and allies to join in the celebration. 


Those who are interested in marching in the parade, please sign up here by COB June 2nd.: Microsoft Forms 



Please note that more information about specific timings, locations, and additional events will be provided as we approach the dates. 

Thank you for your support and participation. Together, we can make a positive impact. 


With PRIDE,  

HIV & Gender Health Program