One Community Health is committed to providing the information and tools needed to best manage your health.


Q: What insurances does One Community Health accept?

We accept a variety of payment options including but not limited to Covered CA plans, Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans, Medi-Cal, Managed Care Medi-Cal, some commercial employer plans, and self-payment on a sliding fee scale according to family size and income. One Community Health is affiliated with River City Medical Group IPA. River City Medical group IPA, contracts with most Medi-Cal managed care plans for primary care and specialty services. You are advised to always check with your insurance plan to confirm if they contract with One Community Health directly, or through River City Medical Group IPA.

Q: Does One Community Health provide dental care?

Yes, we provide dental care for both adults and children.

Q: Does One Community Health provide behavioral health?

Yes, we provide behavioral health services for our patients (adults and children) at our Health Centers.

Q: Do you provide translators?

We provide translation services through a variety of different ways including via a web service that is on-demand, by telephone, or with a face to face interpreter. All languages are provided.

Q: Do you provide medical care for workers’ compensation?

No, we do not provide medical care for workers’ compensation. Medical care for workers’ compensation should be arranged through your employer.

Q: I am not sure what some of the abbreviations mean that my provider uses in my MyChart. Is there a key or guide to help?

The use of abbreviations or short-hand in clinical documentation is a common practice, and it supports a provider ensuring that they are quickly and accurately documenting your visit. You can see a list of standard medical abbreviations here:


Appendix B: Some Common Abbreviations: MedlinePlus