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Treatment for Substance Use and Opioid Use Disorders

Substance Abuse Help Sacramento

Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Services

You’ve made a decision and decided its time to get your life back. To stop using heroin, oxy, or any other opioid. But the withdrawal is overwhelming, and you don’t know if you can do it.

We can help. Opioid Use Disorder is a chronic disease of the brain. The use of certain medications can help you get through withdrawal and begin to heal your brain. We offer what is known as Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT). Research shows that a combination of medication and therapy can successfully treat opioid use disorder, and for some people struggling with addiction, MAT can help sustain recovery.

Treatment Available for Patients:

  • Assessment and diagnosis of an opioid use disorder
  • Counseling
  • HIV and hepatitis C testing
  • Case management
  • Medical, social work, and mental health services
  • Recovery and peer support
  • Maternal addiction treatment
  • Outpatient/intensive outpatient treatment


We understand what you’re going through. We don’t judge you. Instead we will welcome you and support you. It’s what we do. Call 916 443-3299 to learn more about our Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Services.