Counseling & Education

Some health conditions benefit from group education including diabetes, weight management, and smoking cessation, where patients can provide support to one another. Our Behavioral Health and Nutrition staff offer a variety of individual or group education opportunities.

Patient Education Groups and Classes

  • Senior Men’s Group
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Young Adult Group

Nutrition Education

  • Fun with Cooking
  • Diversion en La Cocina (Spanish cooking class en Espanol)
  • Lifestyle Balance Class
  • Diabetes Support Group (English and Spanish)
  • Diabetes Self-Management Class

Additional Resources

  • Meditation Group
  • Walking with the Dietitians
  • Food Assistance
  • Community Garden and Edible Landscape
group of people sitting in a circle on chairs

Patient Education Groups & Classes

Many health conditions can benefit from classes and education, helping you manage your health.

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Nutrition Counseling & Classes

Our Nutrition Counseling & Classes help you understand the impact good nutrition has on overall health.