Flu Vaccine in Sacramento

At One Community Health, we make it easy to get your flu vaccine in Sacramento. Everyone should get a flu shot once a year to stay healthy, especially when the weather begins to get cold. Our friendly team is ready to help you and your family. We want to make sure you don’t get sick with the flu this winter. Call us to book your flu shot today!

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How Do You Know If You Have the Flu?

The flu can make you feel really sick. It’s not like a regular cold. You might:

  • Have a runny nose
  • Cough
  • Feel cold
  • Feel very tired
  • Experience a headache
  • Have a sore throat
  • Feel a stomach ache
  • Throw up

If you feel like this, call us right away. We’re here to help you.

Why You Need a Flu Shot

The flu is more than a bad cold. It can make you feel really sick, and you might have to go to the hospital. A flu vaccine in Sacramento every year is the best way to stay safe.

Getting an affordable flu vaccine in Sacramento helps your whole family. When you get sick, you might miss work, and kids might miss school. This is hard for everyone and can even keep you from making money at work. A flu shot helps you stay healthy so you can take care of your family.

And don’t forget, the flu shot helps more than just you. When many people in the community get their flu vaccines, it makes it harder for the flu to spread. That helps protect people who can’t get the flu shot, like babies and some older folks. So you’re being a good neighbor when you get your affordable flu vaccine in Sacramento.

Who Should Get the Flu Shot?

  • Everyone six months and older
  • Moms-to-be
  • Older folks who are 65 or more
  • Those with chronic illnesses

If you’re one of these groups, it’s extra important for you to get the flu shot to stay safe. Even if you’re not on this list, getting an affordable flu vaccine in Sacramento is still a good idea to keep you and everyone around you healthy.

Important Info About Flu Shots for Kids

As a parent, you might worry about flu shots, but they are safe for kids. The shot helps kids stay away from severe flu sickness and helps everyone around them, too.

Our medical staff gives flu vaccines in Sacramento all the time, and we know how to make it as easy as possible. It’s a quick pinch, and then your kids are protected from the flu for the whole year.

Plus, when kids get their flu shots, they help protect others like grandparents and friends who may be at risk of dying from the flu. So, getting an affordable flu vaccine in Sacramento is also a way to care for the people you love.

We Help Answer Your Questions

We don’t just give flu vaccines in Sacramento. We’re here to talk if you have questions or worries. We want you to know flu shots are safe. If you’re not sure about getting one, come talk to us. We can explain how it works and why it’s a good idea. We’re here to make sure you feel good about keeping yourself and your family healthy.

And guess what? Talking to us is free! You can ask us anything you want to know about the flu shot. We’re always ready to help.

Special Health Needs

If you have health problems like HIV, call us first. We can help you decide if a flu vaccine is right for you. It’s always good to check with a doctor before getting a flu shot if you have a special health condition. We want to make sure you get the care you need and that you’re as healthy as possible.

Where to Get Your Affordable Flu Vaccine in Sacramento

Come to One Community Health for your flu shot. You don’t have to worry about money. We make the process easy for everyone. Just give us a call and we will help you. It’s a quick visit and you’ll leave feeling safer for the whole winter season. We’re here to make sure you and your family stay healthy. Contact our clinic today.