Pediatric Care in Sacramento

At One Community Health, we are passionate about providing quality, compassionate care to our smallest patients. We understand that children have unique needs and our team of pediatric specialists is equipped to support you and your family every step of the way in raising a happy, healthy child.

When you visit one of our health centers, we want you to feel comfortable and to be a partner in your care.

Our team of medical specialists—including physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, dentists, psychiatrists, behavioral health therapists, substance abuse counselors, clinical pharmacists, and nutritionists—want to help you make life choices that will lead to your improved health. We offer a full range of services to meet all your healthcare needs.

Pediatric Care in Sacramento

Well-Child Visits

Most of us think about visiting the doctor only when we are sick. But regular well-child check-ups are important in healthy children for preventing illness and ensuring your child is meeting all the appropriate developmental milestones. This is also a good time for you to bring up any questions or concerns about your child’s health. We focus on the following areas in well-child visits:

  • Sleep
  • Safety
  • Lead screening 
  • Common childhood illness prevention
  • Tracking growth and development
  • Nutrition
  • Dental health
  • Social and emotional health


Immunizations, or vaccinations, are an important part of well-child visits. Babies are born with temporary protection against some diseases through their mother’s antibodies. But because the protection is temporary, immunization is a way to provide immunity to certain diseases, ensuring your child stays healthy so he/she can focus on growing up and having fun.

Visit the CDC’s website for their 2020 recommended vaccination schedule.

Sick-Child Visits

Having a sick child can be a stressful, scary time. We are here to put your mind at ease.

Same-day sick appointments

We make every effort to schedule same-day appointments for sick children. Please call our office as early as possible so that we can accommodate your needs and schedule you with your preferred doctor.

When does my child need to see a doctor?

We understand that as a parent you worry when your child is sick, especially if he/she has a fever. You may be wondering when your child needs to see a doctor. While every situation is different, these general guidelines below may help you decide when to seek medical care for a fever. Of course, don’t hesitate to give us a call if you still aren’t sure or if you have any other concerns.

  • For low-grade fevers between 100.3 and 103.9 degrees—you should always call us immediately if your infant under the age of three months has a fever above 100.3 degrees. For babies between three months and two years of age, call us if the low-grade fever is causing irritability, prevents them from eating, or lasts longer than 24 hours.
  • For older children, keep an eye on low-grade fevers and call if it lasts more than three days. Be sure to monitor their temperature every few hours and give them fever-reducing medication. If you are unsure about which medication, or the appropriate dose your child should receive, ask your physician. If it is after-hours, go to your nearest urgent care.
  • For fevers of 104 degrees or higher—go to the emergency room immediately so your child can receive prompt treatment to lower the fever. Fevers this high can have serious and sometimes long-term side effects.

Our Philosophy

After nearly three decades, our passion and values have not changed. We strongly believe that healthcare isn’t a privilege; it is a human right. Everyone must have the opportunity to achieve optimal health, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, orientation, or ability to pay. We’ve made it our job to help individuals and the community lower the barrier that inhibits wellness. As we continue to grow, our focus remains on bringing people together through greater access to care, better facilities, comprehensive services, and compassionate healthcare. The diversity of our community is what makes us strong.

Affordable Pediatric Care in Sacramento

At One Community Health our desire is to provide you with the highest quality pediatric care in an environment that makes you and your child feel like family. We see you as an equal partner in your child’s care. Our goal is for you to understand and to ask questions so that you can work with the staff to make informed decisions that will lead to your child’s improved health and wellbeing. If you are looking for an affordable pediatrician in Sacramento, give us a call. We accept walk-ins, or you can make an appointment by calling 916-443-3299.