Perinatal Care Program

The One Community Health Perinatal Care Program is more than just medical appointments — it’s a helpful support system for expecting families.

Our Program

The One Community Health Perinatal Care Program is more than just medical appointments — it’s a helpful support system for expecting families. This program is designed to lower illness and improve health for both birthing people and babies from pregnancy through the critical early months of life. To learn more, call and speak with one of our perinatal care doctors today or connect with our team online.

Understanding Perinatal Care

Perinatal care is all about helping pregnant people and their babies stay healthy before and after birth. This type of care includes visits to ensure everything is going well and to catch problems early. 

It’s also a time when families can learn how to care for themselves and prepare for the baby’s arrival. At One Community Health, our team gives you and your baby the best start with plenty of support and advice during your pregnancy.

Why Join Our Perinatal Care Program?

At One Community Health, we understand the exciting journey that comes with having a baby. Here’s a closer look at what you’ll get when you join our Perinatal Care Program:

Essential Items For Your Baby 

We provide you with the essentials and show you how to use them. That way, you’ll feel ready when your baby arrives.  

Tailored Care Plans 

Our care plans are built by our perinatal care doctors, taking into consideration every aspect of your personal, medical, and emotional needs during this important time.

Support From The Very Beginning 

We’re not just there for the big moments. We also provide attentive perinatal care and guidance so you feel supported in every part of your pregnancy.

Remember, our program is designed to nurture both you and your baby with kind care and heartfelt support.

Who Is Eligible For Our Program?

Our Perinatal Care Program at One Community Health is for everyone expecting a baby and on Medi-Cal. It doesn’t matter where you are in your pregnancy journey. Our perinatal care doctors are here to help. 

Perinatal Care Program FAQ

In this section, we answer your questions about perinatal care.

Our Perinatal Care Program is open to all pregnant individuals with Medi-Cal insurance. Whether you are in the early weeks of pregnancy or nearing your due date, we are ready to provide you with the best care. Our services support the health of both you and your baby throughout the pregnancy journey.

From your first perinatal care appointment to postpartum follow-up, our program offers many services. These include regular health check-ups, nutritional guidance, emotional support, and access to essential baby care items like cribs and car seats. We also provide educational resources to help you prepare for childbirth and caring for your newborn.

Enrolling in our Perinatal Care Program is easy! Start by calling our office to schedule an appointment. During this call, we’ll discuss your Medi-Cal coverage, ask about your needs, and schedule your first visit.