New Year Goals label on large chart

Tips for Making Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

Making (and keeping) New Year’s resolutions can be challenging. It’s important to remember that the New Year isn’t a time to make big changes but a time to reflect on the past year and try and make positive lifestyle changes.

Having problems keeping your New Year’s Resolutions?

Check out these tips from the American Psychological Association to help you with whatever New Year’s resolutions you make:

  • Start small – make resolutions you think you can keep.
  • Change one behavior at a time – don’t get overwhelmed and think you have to reassess everything in your life.
  • Talk about it – share your experience with family and friends.
  • Don’t beat yourself up – remember that minor missteps when reaching your goals are completely normal and ok.
  • Ask for support – if you feel overwhelmed or unable to meet your goals on your own, consider seeking professional help.

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