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Tháng Năm 6 @ 8:00 sáng - 12:00 chiều

Walk with NAMI in 2023

One Community Health is a proud sponsor of the NAMIWalk in Sacramento.

The power of our mission is being felt as never before. The achievement of “Mental Health for All” has never felt this critical yet closer to being realized.

It’s not how far we walk at NAMIĐi Bộ Bắc California trên May 6 at Công viên đất đai William, but how far we’ve come to make our milestones count. With your support and high spirits, we intend to make an unprecedented impact on mental health in our community.

NAMIWalks 2023 represents a powerful chance to leave a significant mark on the local mental health landscape.

Whether you’re a previous participant or a new voice waiting to be heard, we’re pretty sure you’ll find the festivities inspired  inspiring.

This year, changing the world begins at William Land Park.

See you there!

Dogs are welcome at certain NAMIWalks events. Please confirm the local policy before bringing your furry friends out to the event. 



Chi tiết

Ngày tháng:
Tháng Năm 6
Thời gian:
8:00 sáng - 12:00 chiều
Loại Biến cố:

Người tổ chức

NAMIĐi Bộ Bắc California
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Địa chỉ nhà

Công viên đất đai William
1701 Sutterville Road
Sacramento, 95822